Steps for consignment:

Bring Your Car

You will be met by a car advisor at the appraisal department. You will need to show him/her your identification and current registration on the vehicle. He/she will inspect your car - a 5 to 10 minute process - then consult with the pricing team to determine the market value of your car.

You Price It

After discussing pricing with the advisor, you will set your target price. We set the sticker price. McBay Auto's Consignment Sales Fees are scaled to the price you ask for the car. Our sales fees are kept as low as possible to keep the car's retail price competitive.

We Display your desk

Next we wash and detail your car, photograph it, and enter all the data into our system. The photos and profile of your vehicle are sent to various car sales websites (,,,ebay motor, craigslist etc), and uploaded to our own website. Your car is shown to prospective buyers. Test drives are performed. Whenever a reasonable offer is made on your car, we let you know.

If you wish to make a counter offer, we will convey it to the prospective buyer. This is where we strive to create a "match."

We Sell the Car for you

If you accept the offer, we will sell your car to the buyer. If there is a loan on your car, we will make arrangements with you to complete the payoff. If you have the title, we will ask you to bring it in, and exchange it for a check. The deal is complete.

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